Trend Alert: Culottes

Say what? What on earth are CULOTTES??? Let me break it down to you. Pants that look like a skirt- until you begin to walk- people notice what you are wearing are in fact extremely wide legged, below the knee, loose fitted pants. Simply put. Just big ‘ol fancy pants.

Culottes are not a new thing. They actually came out during the Victorian era. The style was developed to allow women more freedom in moving their legs to go horse back riding, garden, or play sports while still looking feminine.

Back in 2005, we had the gaucho pants come back. Thankfully, they made a brief appearance. They are pretty similar to the culottes, only the culottes are a bit more flattering. They do look like a lovely full or midi skirt until you begin to move about. However, if you’re a short, curvy gal, you may not like this look. My best piece of advice would be to try on several pairs before making your investment. In other words, do not order online.

Here are some of my favorite culotte styles. What do you think of this trend? Take the poll!

Trend Alert: Culottes


Trend Alert: the Culotte


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