Tee and Jeans Look : ONNO Tees

What happens when bamboo, hemp and organic cotton get together? They can produce pretty awesome t-shirt. In this post, I’ll show you how I styled a basic t-shirt, jeans and sneakers and called it a day. Not my typical look for an outfit post, huh?

ONNO sent me a tee so that I could style and review it. So, first I will tell you about the tee and why it’s special. While many other companies use cotton or other resources to produce a tee, the ONNO brand uses sustainable fibers such as bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. Conventional cotton growers typically use many hazardous chemicals which are not very good for the environment that cause harm to wildlife and humans. It also wastes a lot of water. As you can tell, ONNO cares about the environment and by producing such clothing come they are helping it.


ONNO tee 2

Did I like the tee? Yes. First, I will tell you that it is made. It fits well, is properly stitched, it’s super soft. I don’t know about you, but I love soft materials. I try to stay away from anything that is itchy or uncomfortable. The tee is so comfy, you can also sleep in it (I sure did!). I think these tees are perfect for travel, everyday wear, and lounging around at home. I also think anyone who has sensitive skin will greatly benefit from using ONNO tees because they don’t use harsh chemicals and are very soft.

Now, about my look. Super simple- you can achieve this look with ease! I simply paired a tee with ripped jeans and white sneakers. I added a ling thin necklace to add some edge and wore my hair crazy curly. It’s a comfortable look, perfect for running errands or taking your kid to the park 😉

ONNO tee 3ONNO Tee 4



Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Adidas

Necklace: F21



















ONNO tee 5