Summer Maxi Dress: Pretty in Yellow

Get your sundresses out, warmer days are here! Time to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty Mother Nature has to offer. This summer maxi dress is just perfect for the new season. Pretty in yellow flowers (and pairs perfectly with my yellow bicycle). Plus, it’s super affordable!

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Vintage Floral Prints Are My Favorite

When it comes to patterns, I just can’t pass up on vintage floral prints. They’re simply timeless and you can never have too many vintage florals.

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Fit & Style

This summer maxi dress is light and airy, perfect for a warm day. I love that it has a modest length side slit. It makes it easier to move around, even go for a bike ride ☺️

There are adjustable ties on each side, no zipper (or pockets), and it’s lined underneath. The dress does have a deep V cut so you may want to wear a camisole underneath or pin it as I did. Lastly, there’s no stretch so if you’ve got curves, I recommend sizing up for a looser fit.

Easy & Effortless

Two things I look for in a maxi dress are ease and being able to throw it on without hassle. This summer maxi dress does just that. Easy to throw on and effortless to get dressed.

A Summer Maxi Dress is So Versatile

These types of dresses work great for staying home, vacation, day trips and more. You can also wear them to any special occasion, picnics, and more. Pair it with a jean jacket and sneakers for a more casual look. Anything goes!

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xo lillie