Spring in Bleu

It’s Sunday and it’s 60 here in Jersey! Why are we so excited? Because that means we can leave the house without a heavy coat and put some Spring into our wardrobe (finally!).

Liana loves the weekends because it means she can dress up and when we put her cute little outfits together we now exchange looks and say “outfit post!” She really has fun with this so I am happy to include her in the JerseyFashionista journey. After all, it is our journey 😉



Liana slept with a french braid in her hair last night and when we took it out in the morning- holy curls! Her hair is finer than mine but she reminded me of myself as a child because I had wavy hair. Once I styled her hair and she looked into the mirror she could not believe it was her. “I’m so ’80’s today mommy!” she laughed.

To get this look, let your mini me sleep with one to a few braids in her hair. Her hair will be full of volume and waves!

For this look, we went with a mix of denim and blues and added a hot pink bag and shades to make it pop. You can do this with other neon colors like electric blue, neon green, yellow or orange. Spring is the perfect season to have fun with color.

        Shades: Target for only $1!

Hair Flower: Kids Place $3 for a 2 pack



Purse: Old Navy



Slip on sneakers: Toms



Acid Wash Denim Vest: Target (cherokee) $17

Top/Jeggings: The Children’s Place



Top your outfit with a hat to accessorize or get some shade from the sun 🙂

Hat: The Children’s Place

IMG_1285.jpgUntil the next outfit post my fashionista friends!