Scare Lice Away with a Little Boo!

Goblins and ghouls aren’t the only creatures lurking around this month, schools, unfortunately, get affected by another type of critter- lice. My scalp itches as I type the word that so many mothers fear and only wish to avoid. But the reality is, as moms, we need to beware and take precaution. If you’re a mom of a child with hair (this does not exclude boys), keep reading for some tips on how to scare lice away!

My personal experience: 

We were once affected and I freaked. I had her treated at one of those fancy natural lice removal shops and then had her hair chopped chin length. Good thing she was only 4, she looked adorable (and didn’t complain) but still, it was a nightmare for me. I wanted to give the parent of the other child a beat down! (mama bear instincts) But I didn’t. I took many deep breaths and held it together. The stress it caused me was just awful. I disinfected everything- loads of laundry and even tossed some things. I vacuumed every corner and treated our furniture with a special spray. And after all that, I cried. Yes, as I cried like a baby. I was disgusted and exhausted and had to leave for vacation the next morning. 

A few years later, my daughter noticed a few bugs on a classmate’s head and told me about it. I demanded her seat be changed and requested the child get checked. I sent my daughter to school with “dirty” hair to avoid her chances of getting it. The principal paid me no mind and a day later- little “Jane” had lice and was sent home. No, I am not paranoid. I just went through it and if I can prevent it from happening again, you bet I will. 

Many people are afraid to talk about the topic because they are afraid people will think they are dirty. But that’s not the case. Most lice infestations come from swimming at the pool, sharing a pillow, bumping heads; etc. It’s also no one’s fault. They do not come from poor places. They just travel around and love our children so dearly… In fact, they prefer clean hair but will go to either one. What they seek is human blood to live off of.


Tips to Prevent Infection:

  • Keep hair up!   Style your child’s hair in ponytails or braids. My daughter hates it but she gets it. After school, she lets her hair down but for school and sports, up it goes.
  • Keep hair dirty. I know it sounds gross but lice prefer clean hair. It’s not greasy and that makes it easier for them to lay eggs. So, if you wash the child’s hair, try and limit it to 1-2 times per week and do a dry shampoo in between. Some say this is a myth but I believe it.
  • Inspect your child’s scalp. Every year at my daughter’s physical, her doctor asks if I am still checking behind the ears and around the scalp before bath time. I didn’t realize lice may be one of the reasons for this. If your child gets it, you may be able to catch it early on and prevent it from spreading. When I caught it, she only had about 20 eggs but the other child had over 300. I believe it could have been prevented.
  • Use a preventative product on hair. This is where Boo! by SoCozy comes in. I am all about natural products when it comes to kids and they have the right stuff.


The Boo! line carries three products: Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray. Boo! is a 3-Step Lice Scaring system to scare those buggers away and give parents peace of mind. They also have a travel sized spray which is great for travel, camp; etc. It’s infused with tea tree oil which repels lice and has a clean smell- fragrance free.

I received the full sized and travel sized leave in sprays. I think they are an awesome addition to the SoCozy brand. The price is also affordable at only $14.50 for the full size and $7.99 for the travel size. If you’re a mom and in search of a product that will help repel lice, I highly recommend this product. As much as I hate the word- we moms must do all we can to protect our kids luscious locks from those pesty lice critters! Who’s with me?!



*All opinions are my own! I received these products in exchange for an honest review. signatureblog