Quick Beauty Tips- Last Minute Night Out

We all know what it’s like when a friend calls late in the evening asking if you fancy a drink. You’re probably lounging on your sofa wearing your cozy pajamas. Still, you don’t want to let your friend down, and so you agree to meet up for cocktails. You’re mood is telling you no way but your commitment to your friend is sending you off. There isn’t enough time to perform your standard beauty routine, so you just need a quick and reliable strategy. Here are some tips that should help you save time and get beautiful in a matter of minutes.

Prep those brows fast!

The most important part of your look is definitely in the brows. A good brow shape will make you look put together in no time. Trust me. If there is one thing you want to work on before you rush out the door to meet your girls, it’s them brows, honey 😉

Here’s a guide to help you find the perfect shape.

Infographic Created By  Frends Beauty Supply


Paint your nails in the bath

So long as you’re careful, painting your nails while taking a bath will help to save time. You just need to make sure you keep your hands out of the water after applying the solution. Grab those quick-drying emergency varnishes from your drawer for the best outcome.


Moisturize and Make Up! 

As soon as you get out of the shower, it’s time to grab those cleansing wipes and scrub your face. It will freshen you up and not give off that “I’ve been in my jammies all night face.” Be sure to apply some moisturizer and let it dry before adding your makeup. Since your brows are on fleek, you can get away with some mascara, concealer- to cover any imperfections, a good highlighter, and a nude lip gloss.

Follow these super simple tips and go from couch to cocktails in a flash. Enjoy!