PomPom Fashions: On Trend

Pom pom fashions are not a new trend but this season they are stealing the spotlight. You can find them on shoes, bags, accessories, and on every fashionista on IG. I adore pom poms so I was happy to see them come back this season. Last year my daughter and I had so much fun creating DIY fashion accessories with store-bought pom poms. If you want to check out her videos, click here.

And this year- if you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen my selfies rocking pom pom earrings or accessories like key chains. But those are all made by my fellow girl boss friend, Lee Valenzuela, who is the founder of The LVR Shop on Etsy. The fun doesn’t stop at earrings though- I’ve been working closely with Lee to come up with more fun fashionable uses for pom poms.

In this post, I wanted to show off all the cool earrings Lee has made as well as a DIY we did together (watch the video below). She also sells the pom poms in bundles so that you can create your own DIY fashions.

Have you tried rocking pompom fashions yet?

Some ways I’ve styled pompom earrings and fashions…

PomPom Fashions

PomPom Fashions

PomPom Fashions
DIY pom pom ice cream tee