Plan a Stress Free Holiday Party

Are you all grown up and ready to host your own holiday party for your family or friends? Not to worry, though you didn’t take notes from mom all those years, I’m here to help!

Planning a holiday party is not as hard as you may think. Just remember that the key to any successful event is to be organized.

Follow these simple tips and I can assure you will have a great party.

  1. Come up with a theme. It doesn’t have to be over the top. Maybe a color theme like matching tableware and decor or a color for your guests to wear. For example, let’s say your tree is decorated in a candy land theme, maybe your party can be too. If you have no theme, that’s fine too.

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    Create an invite that goes with your theme
  2. Invite your guests. Always send out an invite at least one month prior so that your guests have time to r.s.v.p., get a sitter, block your date;etc. Custom make, purchase or make invites via email. I like PostMark for email invites or TinyPrints for hard copy invites.

    Create a Menu Using a Chalkboard!
  3. Create a menu. Wether you are hosting something as simple as desserts and cocktails or a full meal, a menu is always a great idea. This will help keep you on track. And to add detail to your party, print a menu and frame it or use a chalkboard.
  4. Make a holiday playlist. No one likes to attend a quiet party. Make sure you have some music to get your guests in the mood. And for fun, maybe some holiday karaoke on the wii?  Like this Playlist
  5. Make a photo booth! Grab an area of your home- a wall maybe, tape some fun wrapping paper to the wall, set a few hats and funny shaped glasses in a basket and have some photo booth fun! Create a hashtag (ex. #Janesholidaybash) for guests to share pictures using social media.
Take Out boxes for Left Overs!

6. Give your guests take out boxes for left overs. Who likes to cook during the holidays? Your guests will love the fun boxes and appreciate the left overs.

7. Don’t forget to say thank you! Sure, you did all the work- but they came out to join you so remember to thank them. You can also send a thank you email card later on too just to remind your guests how              much their attendance meant to you.

I hope these tips are helpful for you party planning needs. Happy Planning!

Have tips of your own? Share below!