Performing Arts:  Jazzing It Up in the Brick City

Newark, NJ, classical music, and a whole lot of rule breaking, can you find the common factor?

Did I just hear beatbox coming out of that flute?… I sure did! And is that cello jazzing up a beat?
I’m afraid so!


Now with this one you’ve got to be kidding… the bass with its intense and breathtaking deep
sound in a harmonious coordinated symphony with the full scale classical orchestra., such a great
performance by The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra (NJSO) with collaboration by PROJECT
Trio, embracing a rule breaking genre, just as our beloved Ludwig van Beethoven liked to do.
November is Beethoven awareness month and I thought the most rational way I can indulge in a
good dose of Romantic era classical music is by simply attending a concert.


Beethoven was a rule breaker with his compositions in the way he activates, mixes and
reinvented instrument’s sounds to enhance, and sum up an authentic and resounding melody that
has stuck with us uninterrupted one generation after the other; like his iconic Symphony No. 5 in
C Minor Op .67 an Allegro con brio movement, a wide dynamic and forceful energetic tempo.
Following Beethoven’s un-matchable footstep is PROJECT Trio, a group of three musicians
originating from Brooklyn, NY a city of enormous cultural diversity which has influence the trio
in trying with success to bring Beethoven inspired work closer to the youth in a modern casual
yet classical way. With a striking sounding flute, a cello filled of charming tune, and a bass
cohesively creating an almost palpable melody; hence bringing their performance to Newark the
heart of reinvention in NJ seem to be a clever and fitting move.
New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) is known for its cozy yet grandiose atmosphere
and comfortable access to and from the center of the city.

NJPAC sits right by the bay, a few miles from the Newark International Airport and just yards away from the train station. Newark is experiencing a rebirth with the infusion of many new projects within the city, including refurbish upscale and specialty downtown shops and a boost in education overall but with special interest in fine arts, giving NJPAC a unique spot that serves as a landmark for all those that enjoy some good performances of the arts, from musical classical concerts to beaming and electrifying reenactments of the Opera, plays and stand up comedy as well. Such an electrifying performance was that put together by PROJECT Trio and the NJSO at their concert Music & Emotions from Beethoven’s compositions.