Paula, the Henna Queen

Introducing House of Henna by Paula the “Henna Queen.” Who is this Jersey girl? An artist that is full of surprises and creativity. I had the pleasure of meeting the Henna Queen at a charity event supporting domestic violence almost a year ago. Since then, I’ve seen her at many events offering her services for free for charity, as a vendor, and finally in one of my fashion shows as a designer.
The artist has worked with the Real Housewives of New Jersey and many other NJ celebs. I am finally ready to share this Jersey girl with you all to let you in on a new kind or fashionable, wearable art. Here’s my interview with Paula, the “Henna Queen.”

Paula pictured below at one of the many events she attends in New Jersey.

JF: What inspired you to begin creating Hennas?

Paula: I was a art major in college, so I always loved to paint. In July 2011, I looked at my sketches from a different point of view. The movement and the patterns I was drawing reminded me of henna designs. So I started to experiment with henna and it took off. I feel in love with the idea of creating temporary body art. The movement, shape and the bold lines, is always who I have been as a artist. I have also always had a interest in middle eastern art and calligraphy

JF: Where did you get your start?

Paula: I am a self taugh henna artist. Study other artists, other styles of designs, as well as the history and the making of henna.

JF: What has your biggest accomplishment been so far in your career as a Henna artist?

Paula: I love to see people enjoy the designs I put on them. But I always had a dream of seeing my designs on models during a fashion show. The first time I had models walk the runway showing off my designs, it really was a dream come true. I incorporte my designs with what the fashion is. I am so thankful that over the past few months this dream has come true over and over again. Every time I try to push it further. Incorportating new ideas, new designs, new materials.

JF: Any future plans? Projects? Collaborations?

Paula: Future plans would be to expand on my bridal line. Bring a part of the dress onto the skin of the bride. I would also like to plan my own fashion show with body art as well as henna style designs. I am always open to collaborations, I have been blessed with working with some amazing talented minds.

JF: What’s your ultimate goal with House of Henna?

Paula: Ultimate goal is to have my designs on clothing. And to have my designs on models during fashion week. I have been thinking of a fashion line that incorporates my vision as a artist, so that the designs can not only be worn on the skin, but on clothing. And to have my designs displayed on models during fashion week is my dream!

JF: What would you tell other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Paula: I would tell them to take a chance and try it. If you don’t try it, you will never know, and you will always wonder “what if”. I had these dreams when I got out of college, and only in this past year, have I had the courage to take a chance, and I am so glad I did. Also, networking is so critical. Pitch your idea or vision to others, share your vision.

JF: Besides, creating beautiful Hennas, do you have any other talents?

Paula: I paint with acrylics and oils. My paintings tend to have bold, pure color. Bold lines, and movement. I have painted for my personal enjoyment, as well I have donated my painting for fundraisers and charities.

JF: Please provide your links, websites; etc.

Paula: They are:

To contact the Henna Queen: