Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again and it’s probably crept up on you again? Admit it, it’s ok. Mother’s Day, for those fortunate to have a mother around- or maybe a grandmother, aunt- any mother figure in you life- is that special opportunity to honor your mamas just a little bit and let them know they matter to you. Truthfully, the best gifts come from the heart. Each time my daughter leaves me little love notes on my pillow or desk, it warms my heart- more than a bouquet of flowers or anything else. But gifts are nice, too. Moms work super hard all year round, so a little spoiling doesn’t hurt, right?

To help you decide what to buy this year, I created a  Mother’s Day gift guide. There’s something for every type of mama in here. Enjoy!

List as pictured:

Nature Love aromatherapy (de-stress)

Surya Brasil Shower Gel Scrub, Leg & Foot Lotion

Earth Tu Face Jasmine Balm 

LilFox  Marajuca+Rose Youthful Vixen Face Nectar

Matrix Biolage Sugarshine

Matrix Oil Wonders (Rose)

Amica Dry Shampoo

Juicy Bamboo

Stewart&Claire lip balms

Wet n Wild polishes

Elizabeth Arden lipsticks and Grand Entrance mascara

Beauty Addicts Lipglosses

Hello Lovely mug

Kate Spade pot holders

Stainless bowl set


Decorative box