Just a Day at the Beach

Living in New Jersey, it’s nice to be near the parkway and less than an hour away from the Jersey shore. It’s always a good little getaway from reality.There’s something peaceful about the ocean that makes you feel more connected if you know what I mean. Belmar is one of my favorite beaches to visit besides Long Branch in the summers. It’s clean and not as crowded as other beaches. beach2   I wore my retro polka dot bikini which was given to me for mother’s day by my mini fashionista. She insisted to her dad that she had to go back to the store where mommy wanted the “old times bathing suit” as she put it. She sure knows my style 🙂

beach3.jpg beach4.jpg

Swimwear: Jenna & Ruby

Sunnies: Versace

Lipstick: Victoria’s Secret (Risk Taker)


To add some retro flair, I added a white rose in my hair which was very a la Priscilla Presley style that morning.

For a cover up, I wore a sheer floral kimono I picked up in Soho last Summer.

beach10  beach8

Looking out for my rescue boat!


And while we were there, I couldn’t resist but to do a “NoteBook” pic!

Until Next time! Have a Happy 4th of July!!!

PC: Jose Gomez