How to Make Unique Heirlooms

Your favorite things can easily become very special to you. Wether it’s a vintage piece or something you’ve held onto as a child. It could be a piece of jewelry or a leather handbag that you never want to lose. I have some special items that I would love to pass down to my daughter when she’s old enough to appreciate them. Of course, by that time, she might want to turn them into something new. I think having an heirloom you can pass through the family is a lovely idea. But what if you don’t have anything special enough? You don’t have to wait for something to become an heirloom or expect to be handed one. Why not have something you wish to pass on to your children- or nieces and nephews?


Choosing Something Special

If you want to have an heirloom you wish to pass through the generations, it has to be special. But what can you turn into something with the meaning and history worthy of becoming someone’s inheritance. You might already have something you want to pass along. Maybe it’s a leather jacket you’ve had since you were a teen or the first ring you ever bought. Heirlooms are often more expensive items that will last a long time, but they don’t have to be valuable. If you don’t already have something, you could buy something new. There are so many unique ways to make an heirloom. It can even be more personal. One that I recently discovered is turning a loved one’s ashes into a unique diamond for a ring or necklace at

A Homemade Heirloom

Are you crafty or creative? Making something is an incredible way to create an heirloom. For example, quilts are a traditional item to make and pass down the generations. Each generation can sew on their own patches that have meaning to them. Tell your family history by making a quilt. It will give you something special to talk about and pass down. You can learn how to make one here. There are many other things you can consider making too. If you enjoy sewing, you could make your own clothes or other stylish but timeless clothing to wear. You could even have a go at jewelry making to see if you can create something worthy of becoming an heirloom.

Preserving your Heirloom

Whatever you want to pass down to the next generation, you’re going to have to look after it. If you don’t, it might not last long enough to find its way to the next owner. Find out the best way to make your item last as long as possible. Some things, like rings, can be easier to care for than others. For bags or clothing items, try using a dust bag or keepsake box.

Deciding Who to Give It To

If you want something to become an heirloom, you need someone to give it to. It might be one of your children, but not everyone has kids to pass things to. Perhaps you’ll choose a niece or nephew, or even a cousin. Whoever you want to give your heirloom too, make sure they want it. Once they have it, you have no control over what happens to it. So, choose someone who will appreciate it and perhaps pass it on to someone else.
To be honest, anything could become an heirloom. If you have a fashion item that’s special to you- maybe a Gucci handbag or Chanel pearls (timeless and classic), look after it, and it could become special to someone else.


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