How to Make a Shabby Chic Arrangement on a Dime

Want to add some flower power to your space but have no tolerance for the fast dying buds? Try some pretty faux hydrangeas like we did below!


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1 mason jar
1 stem of faux hydrangeas (can be a different flower)
1 handful of flower vase stones (we like the clear ones)


First, twist and break off the stem of the flower to shorten it. Next, bend it to create a circle about the size of the jar. Remove the middle cap of the mason jar and leave the remaining piece on. Set the flower down in the jar and add the stones to hold it in place. Add a pretty ribbon if you like and you’re all set!

This little arrangement cost under $6. The mason jar cost $1.49, the flower was on sale for $3.99 and the stones were recycled from a previous arrangement. All from Michaels craft stores.

Have your own version? Share below!

Happy crafting!



The Final Product!