My Holiday WIsh List

Happy Holidays! Wish Lists are everywhere aren’t they? Every website has one and it many people use them to drop hints. I thought long and hard about what I would ask Santa for Christmas and really I never ask for things. I usually make a list of splurges I plan to get myself – sort of like rewarding myself ­čÖé But anyway, if I had the luxury of asking for gifts I’d really like, here’s my own personal holiday wishlist…
My holiday wishlist


About my wish list:
 Some cozy slippers to be around the house.
A selfie stick for fun group shots!
A pair of new jeans ripped at the knee of course..
Cute headphones to enjoy music while editing.
A fresh new fragrance for the new year.
Sam Smith on vinyl (because I imagine it sounds amazing!).
Naked’s new limited edition On the Run palette.
Some funky shades by Phillip Lim.
A retro looking wireless speaker to hear more music!
Pretty Kate Spade earrings.
Vintage Chanel.
Nude pumps.
A cozy cashmere Burberry scarf for winter days. 
A new lens to take more awesome shots!
A mirrorless camera for travel.
And a lovely scented candle by Ted Baker to boost my moods. 
What’s on your wish list? I’d love to know!