High Heels & Hot Topics: Episode 1

Hey guys! It’s official! We’ve entered the podcasting world! Remember my blogger friend/co-author/past roomie (from the studio)- Chastity?! Well, we’ve teamed again to bring you High Heels & Hot Topics, a podcast covering fashion, beauty, business, lifestyle and more.

If you know us, you know we can chat it up- so, we thought a podcast would be perfect for us to stay connected and share our wisdom, funny stories and business and fashion sense with you all. We hope you’ll subscribe, share and listen so we can continue to bring you more content every week.

High Heels & Hot Topics Podcast

In this first episode, we’re doing an intro as well as chatting about women, careers + babies- can it work and the pros and cons. We’re also covering Spring trends- what’s in and what we’re willing to try. And lastly, Chastity grills me on my birthday splurge tradition and travel plans.

Sit back, have a latte and listen in. Promise, you’ll feel like you’re having brunch with the girls!