Sleep Mode: How to Get on It

It’s January, that odd month after the holidays where most people are confused, broke, or develop winter blues. It stinks. And you probably can’t sleep well, either. You’re not alone. It’s time to unplug and yourself into sleep mode.

Winter blues just suck. But there’s always a solution.

Since the new year began, I personally found myself feeling “blue.” Why? I have no idea. It could be the dark gloomy weather, the overspending during the holiday season, or the slowing down of business. It’s so easy to lose yourself, to become unmotivated when you’re feeling that way. But thankfully, I am an optimist and I know how to get myself back on track.

If you’re tired, learn to rest. Don’t quit. Or something like that goes the saying.

A big part of feeling better is getting some much-needed rest. How else can a person find the energy to accomplish their new year goals? Seriously. You need to get your sleep mode on.

I’ve never been an early riser. The struggle is so real.

For me, getting to bed early can be very difficult. I work best at night time and when I do get to bed, I struggle to fall asleep. I’ve found that there are many distractions that can be causing this. Here are some tips that personally help me to get my sleep on.

  • Shut off the lights and everything else. Don’t fall asleep with the television on and don’t keep your cel phone too close to your bed. If you do, throw a small towel or cloth over it to prevent you from seeing it light up with any notifications. Lights from every little thing including electronics and night lights can be a distraction.
  • Silence. Again, don’t fall asleep with the television on. No more of that “but one more episode…” nonsense!
  • Set a bedtime. Schedule yourself just as you do with a meeting or date. My iPhone has a feature where I can set up a sleep schedule which is a helpful reminder that I need to get my butt to bed soon.
  • Make your bedroom into a sleep zone. When I decorated¬†my bedroom, I made sure to have a calming blue hue that reminded me of a peaceful sky. I also bought a good mattress, a lot of pillows and nice bedding, candles and flowers for the room. And my clock has no batteries (because the ticking is quite a nuisance). That is one thing for sure, my bedroom is definitely a relaxing place for me. This is a plus. You may want to analyze your bedroom decor to see if your colors and decor are good for sleeping.¬†
  • Exercise before bed. Sometimes, I go for a walk or do some yoga stretches. It’s light exercise but it helps me get ready for bed feeling more relaxed.
  • Drink Tea. A good chamomile tea is good to make you sleepy. Make sure it’s decaf.
  • Spray lavendar. There are so many lavendar products on the market- body wash, lotion, aromatherapy, oils, and sprays. When I feel stressed, I rub the oils onto my wrists and breathe it in. I also spray my pillow. It helps.

So, those are my personal tips. What helps you get your sleep on?

Below, see a few more tips…