Fill Your Easter Egg Basket with Orb Toys

*This is a sponsored post. Products were sent to us for an honest review. All opinions are true. 

Easter is almost here! It feels so sudden and surely, it will be a cold one. As a parent, I am definitely over chocolate bunnies and peeps my daughter won’t even eat. Instead, I love to fill her basket with little goodies she will enjoy. This week, Orb toys sent her an Easter basket with just that and she LOVED every single item. If you have a tween like I do, here’s how to fill your Easter basket with Orb toys.

Fill Your Easter Egg Basket with Orb Toys

When Liana unboxed her Easter basket, she was so surprised. You see, squishies and slime are the craze with kids as young as five to teens- even adults who enjoy play. The first thing she opened was a Soft-n-Slo squishy. Though I’m not too fond of touching slime, I do love squishies! Not only are they super cute but they’re fun to squish (and great stress relievers). In her basket, she found two Soft-n-Slo squishies. An Ultra squishy and a Mega squishy. The Ultra one is an adorable Bear Ice Cream Cone and the Mega is a super cute Playful Panda. (See the video below to see them up close and in action)

Squishies make for perfect Easter basket stuffers because they are cute, fun and will keep your kid busy. They also make for cute bedroom or desktop decor 🙂

Orb also included some slimy toys in the basket. First, the packaging is super cute and perfect for an Easter basket since it’s inside of an egg! Liana was fascinated by Orb Slimy Dinos. According to her- the slime is super stretchy and has a perfect texture. She also loved the dinosaur surprise she found inside the slime.

Last, she unboxed Orb Slimy “the original” which is the classic slime. It comes in a container kids can store and play with again and again. It’s also very stretchy and great for making bubbles.

We made an unboxing video to show you the products up close and in action. Liana truly loved everything and really- who better than to recommend and approve toys than a 12-year-old 😉

Happy shopping!!