Essential Oils for Beginners

Are you ready to dive into Essential Oils but have no idea where to start? No worries, let’s discuss essential oils for beginners. While it may seem simple to choose one that smells amazing or one with unique packaging, or even ones with exotic names- there’s a lot more to learn about essential oils.

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Essential Oils for Beginners

Essential oils are the highly concentrated version of oils derived from plants. Aside from their powerful aromas, essential oils have numerous health benefits that make them must-haves for your home and lifestyle. And there are so many options but don’t buy the farm just yet! Here are the more popular essential oils you can start your collection off with. 

  • Feeling a little stressed out? We all are! Lavender essential oil is definitely a go-to. Its soothing aroma helps ease tension, anxiety, and promotes overall relaxation. Simply apply a couple of drops on your wrists or your pillow. You may want to keep a bottle in your bag or on your desk at work 😉 
  • For clear skin, try Tea Tree essential oil. It’s well known for its antibacterial and healing qualities. Use it as a spot treatment on that annoying zit. Bonus- you can also use it to treat bug bites in the summer!
  • Are headaches ruining your day? Peppermint essential oil’s minty, fresh scent helps ease away tension and alleviate headaches. I also love to add a few drops into my shampoo to help stimulate hair growth and it feels great.
  • Want longer locks? Add Rosemary essential oil to your beauty routine. Apply it to your scalp and gently massage. This will help stimulate hair growth and also get rid of unwanted dandruff!
  • Set the mood! Try Rose essential oil for a beautiful scent that is both romantic and an aphrodisiac. You can also use it to treat wounds and avoid infections.

Have you tried essential oils? Which are your favorites?


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