DIY: Bird House Lily Pulitzer Style

Birdhouses are so cute and look adorable on display. You can put them inside the home, on your porch, in the garden or give one as a gift. But a designer birdhouse can be pricey and who wants to spend over $25 on a birdhouse? Not me, that’s for sure. For a fun craft, I decided to decorate a little birdhouse with my daughter, Liana. We also had some left over mini canvases from her last birthday party and made a matching painting 🙂

This craft is budget friendly for those who don’t want to splurge on a birdhouse. I bought everything from Michael’s craft store. Each tube of paint was on sale for under $2. We used teal, pink, white, and gold. The bird house was $2 and we already had the canvas but I believe you can get a 3 pack for about $3.

You will need:

Paint brushes (at least 3-4 small and medium sized tips will do)
Painter’s tape
A cup of water to clean your brushes (I like to use mason jars)
Paint in your desired colors (I like the quality of Martha Stewart’s paint tubes or you can use assorted acrylic paints sold in the kids section under $2)

A paint palette

A wooden birdhouse

A mini canvas

After looking at the colors we had, I suggested a birdhouse Lily Pulitzer style. I had recently made a tiny canvas inspired by her rose designs so I thought it would be super cute. Liana loved the idea. Of course, she would need some help on the details but that’s what makes crafting with your kids so much fun. You both get to participate and create something pretty awesome together. See our video below on how we got it done!

If you like this craft and make your own version, I’d love to see it! Use hashtag #jfdiy on social media to share! Happy Crafting!


*This is not a paid post. I mentioned where I bought the items as a real suggestion. You can purchase from anywhere you’d like though!