Compose Yourself: Game Review

I have quite the little musician at home. There’s a cello, guitar, tambourine, and a harmonica in my living room and then there’s singing which she enjoys, too. So, when we were approached about reviewing the game, Compose Yourself, I thought Liana would just love it. And sure enough, she did.

Compose Yourself  is a fun musical coding game that was created by Maestro, Phillip Sheppard.

I invented these cards to help me with a challenge I face every day. You see, I’m very lucky because I get to write music for my job, but I have to write hundreds of pieces a year and sometimes I need help to think of a new tune really quickly. So, late one night, I was working on some music for a film and I was stuck.

I thought to myself, what would Bach or Mozart do? Well, they would take a few notes and turn them upside down or backwards until their musical lines danced across the page, through an orchestra right into your heart & soul.

There was a piece of transparent paper on my desk and I had this crazy idea. Soon I had a stack of cards that I could flip and rotate and a world of tunes opened up right there. I wrote three pieces that night; the next day the director of the film was thrilled.

So many talented musicians including Evelyn Glennie and The English Session Orchestra are part of this great game for children. ThinkFun is known for bringing children fun and educational games that inspire them to think and learn while playing.

Liana and I created a video to show you how to play the game and she also shares her thoughts on it.  I must say, she is quite the pro. She taught me quite a bit and was very excited to share her music with family and friends. This game is great for all ages (as long as they know how to use a computer or tablet), to play solo or with other players, and I especially think children who have a love for music will enjoy it very much.