What is JerseyFashionista? What’s the title about? It is the story of a little girl who fell madly in love with fashion. Who would dive into a whole other world flipping through Vogue and Marie Claire magazines that belonged to her trendy aunties and listened to pop stars like Madonna and Paula Abdul. At age 9, declared she’d study fashion one day and fought with mom every morning about what to wear. And gave every high school friend a makeover and photo shoot to remember it by. The obsession never faded and this small town Jersey girl continues to express her love of fashion. If you read this blog, I’m sure there’s a part of you that can relate and that makes you a JerseyFashionista, too.
I am a style blogger. I am a photographer. I am an entrepreneur. Most importantly, I am a mom and every day I set an example for my little girl.
I am here to inspire you, inform you, give you tips and more. I believe that every moment counts and that every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful every day- so, let your light shine, darling!
Each topic I post about on this blog contains a piece of advice to help you accomplish that. From fitness to travel to beauty and fashion. Inside out. Every woman has the potential to be amazing. And I hope you can find some inspiration here. I want to inspire YOU, my readers to be the best version of yourselves- because you’re beautiful baby! And don’t you forget it 😉
About the Editor:
Lillie Morales is a graduate of Kean University where she studied Communications Journalism and minored in Media and Film. She has worked for companies such as Walt Disney, Univision, and MTV Networks. It was her first job in media as a model and then a Production Assistant at Telemundo that drew her into the world of media.

Fashion, writing, and photography are Lillie’s passions. You can see all of this on JerseyFashionista.com, a website she created which covers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also runs a photography business capturing anything from babies to weddings and styled shoots. She provides styling services and media solutions small businesses.

Business is one of Lillie’s many passions. She attended Disney’s University program learning the importance of customer service, communications, branding and customer experience. She has helped small businesses by providing solutions such as press releases, press kits, social media and event planning.

Lillie also enjoys doing charity work. She has put together fashion shows and shopping events including local models, make up artists, photographers, and more. Charities she has donated to include Endofound.org and Revlon Walk for Women’s Cancers.

To request a media kit, email : info@jerseyfashionista.com

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      thank you! Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for stopping by 🙂

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