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Pink Chic, a Walk in the Park

Pink, not a color you’ll see me in often. I prefer deeper hues like navy and wine but this pink chic skirt caught my eye recently. It was on a visit to a show room to see a collection made by designer friend, Nadine Machado. She convinced me to try on one of her Fiesta Skirts and this one was just fab. “Oh you can wear it with a collar top,” she suggested but I promised her I’d style it a bit “different.” So here it is, my take on styling a pink chic skirt- girlie meets edgy fashionista 😉



Sunnies: Cynthia Rowley

Bag: TJMaxx



Jacket: Nordstrom

Necklace: MadRag

Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless



Yep, I paired a pink chiffon skirt with a black vegan leather moto jacket…and silver pumps to add some glamour to the look. But take off the jacket and you have a tee with a statement necklace- you can’t go wrong. Wear this look to Sunday brunch, on a date or a special occasion like your birthday!

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

~William W. Purkey




I love the flow of this skirt. It’s just perfect!



Tee: Old Navy

Fiesta Skirt by Milagros’s Designs


Until the next post, 





PC: special thanks to my friend Dave Riboul for taking these photos of me..


10 Things We Learned from OITNB Season 3


I can’t help it. As crazy and messed up of a show it may be, I absolutely love Orange is the New Black on Netflix. And I know I’m not alone. The show has millions of viewers binge watching for the past three seasons.

So, I finally finished watching Season 3 and it was awesome. I love learning more about the characters and where they came from- and how they got there and then how prison changed them. We also see Piper’s character developing become more a heartless hard criminal instead of the “good person” Flaca says she knew she was. This season has so much going on. From changes in the prison with a corporate company taking over and challenging Caputo- who we love at some point in the season but then hate again in the end. Then there’s the messed up prison guards who take on drug deals, smuggle panties and rape the inmates to the ones who are really there to help them. We learn about relationships, trust, betrayal, parenting, gossip, even discrimination and religion are covered in this season.

This post would be way more super lengthy if I got into the details of each episode, of course. So here is my list of  ten things we learned from OITNB this season.


  1. Trust no man. Nicky is up to no good and lets Luschek in on her stash of heroin. They become friendly and he’s psyched when he begins to get paid. But when two nutty inmates find out about his stash, the rumors begin. Luschek is searched and immediately points all of the blame on Nicky who only had two years left. She is now sent to max. Caputo suspects it wasn’t all her fault but he protects his employee. And a very pregnant Daya is left to deal with her unborn child alone. No matter all the romance and talks of future plans they had, the one legged lover just couldn’t do it. But now with the end of season 3 showing Daya’s baby being taken away- I wonder if she will end up in foster care or maybe daddy will come back for her? hmmm…Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 1.24.22 PM
  2. Everyone needs a distraction from reality. A drama class is offered to the inmates to help them exercise their creative side. Berdie, the new counselor hopes to give the ladies something new to look forward to and an escape to reality. Although, some take it to extremes with their “creativity,” it acts as an outlet for them to escape reality for a bit.
  3. Sexist and Racist men in the workplace are not a thing of the past. Healey shows Berdie major disrespect when he sees how much the inmates adore her. They can speak to her openly and fill up her drama class. She is good at her job. Instead of Healey being supportive, he shows envy. His remarks are just ridiculous, sexist and racist- like the scene where he points out that she has a different hair do every week. Berdie answers back, “I don’t know if you’re a misogynist, or a racist, or a winning combination of both.” You go girl! And then poor Pensatucky getting abused and raped by the weirdo prison guard.. (they should’ve given him the broom!!! lol) I don’t know if that’s considered sexist but it’s plain wrong. Pensatucky as crazy and unlikeable- we now get to know how she got to be so crazy.
  4. Money talks, not people. When a corporate company takes over the prison, Caputo doesn’t realize the company is not only allowing the prison to stay running but they now make the calls, too. For example, the food gets changed, new unqualified guards get hired and corporate can care less about the inmates or the employees safety. Caputo learns how they work and that there’s not much he can do. He later decides to take a promotion and side with corporate which causes his guards to loose respect for him…again.
  5. Time inspires creativity. Crazy eyes becomes an erotic author, Piper starts a pervy panty sniffing business, Norma starts her own religion, and Lorna runs a pen pal lover service to help support her commissary needs. Need I say more?
  6. Never underestimate the power of mom’s love. We see this a lot this season. The first episode being about preparations for Mother’s day at the prison, this season explores a mother’s love and protection in many ways. We have Gloria’s heartaches with her son’s behavior and not being able to parent him outside the prison. Sophia, with the same issue only it is more complicated with her being a transgender parent. Their boys become friends but when they get into trouble, the moms go against each other, even get physical. Nicky’s flashback shows her mother, a socialite who doesn’t know how to deal with Nicky’s addictions and behavior. Then we have Aleida and Daya’s relationship. Aleida tries to be a good mother and protect her daughter and grandchild from the same life and mistakes she made. She later makes a choice that shows Daya a different side of her. Interestingly, we also see Pornstache’s relationship with his mother- he calls her mommy and he is her little “black sheep” out of her three kids.
  7. Discrimination is everywhere. This season goes into discrimination of all types. Religious- Soso looks for peace in Norma’s group but Leanne bullies her out of the group. Ironically, she later laughs at Leanne being Amish. I don’t think she meant harm but Leanne took offense. Soso is not welcomed by any of the inmates. They call her annoying and dumb. She isn’t “Asian” enough either to hang with the one Asian lady in prison. She goes into depression and Healey suggests pills which she almost overdoses on. Luckily, she is found and the black group who doesn’t allow any other races sit with them take her in. They develop a soft spot for her when they see she is suffering. That was definitely a beautiful part of this season to see acceptance. Then we have Sophia’s story and Big Boo which are similar. Both from the gay community who have had difficult times through life to being accepted on who they truly are. When the women gossip about Sophia, she gets beaten on. It was heartbreaking and just sad because she did not deserve it. What happened with Gloria was an accident- well, she didn’t mean to hurt her that way but being that she still has male strength, she did and she scared herself for it.
  8. Everyone has a chance at love. It’s no secret that Healey has an unhappy marriage. We watch his relationship with Red unfold and it’s very clear when she translates to his Russian wife how she sees him. Their relationship is refreshing though. She’s tough as nails and he respects and supports that (which is ironic because of the way he treats Berdie!). He even goes on a limb for her to get her back in the kitchen she loves so much. The two are older but it shows that no matter what age, you still have a chance at romance. At the end of the season, when the two witness Lorna’s wedding, tears flow and it gets real. Yes, miss Lorna finds love, too. Vinny, who is just a crazy and romantic as she is, sweeps her off her feet and marries her in prison. Toilet paper veil and all.  We see Crazy Eyes being approached by a fan of her book. Could this be the start of a relationship for these two nuts? And let’s not forget Caputo’s strange thing with Fig (his arch enemy)…
  9. Everyone wants something to believe in and hold onto. Holy Norma? Worshipping a Norma piece of toast? New Jewish “Tova” converts (mostly for better meals but then it seems to be more than that). Amish rebels and then religion that claims to cure “gayness.” We see some of the inmates come to Sister Jane for guidance and praying at the chapel. They look for something to hold onto- faith- to go on.
  10. Trust No Bitch. Stella screws money power crazed Piper big time when she transfers her money from the stinky panty business to her own account. Bad move inmate. No matter how much Piper may enjoy hot Justin Beiber looking Stella’s company, she makes it known to everyone that is is not to be messed with. Piper set Stella up by stashing illegal things considered weapons and against the rules in her bunk. Her two days til she’s out quickly turn into max. A harsh thing to do to a girl but now we see Piper is not the same forgiving person she used to be and she is definitely all about herself. Ironically, Stella gave Piper a white ink tattoo only a few days before with the phrase “trust no bitch.” At the end, we see bad ass Piper giving herself a new tattoo of the infinity symbol. “Cliche my ass!” she says in pain. 11288155_364289397097935_1510127419_n


With the season finale being so good, I can’t wait for Season 4! I’m so curious to see what happens to Daya’s baby, what Pensatucky and Boo plan to do about the rapist guard, Alex in the shed-does she make it??- and everything else!

What was your favorite episode this season?


PC: Netflix.com, Mematic.net

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YouTube Pop Singer Jenna Rose Catches Up with Us

YouTube Pop Singer Jenna Rose caught up with us recently at the Puerto Rican day parade festival in New York City. She was debuting her first co-written song, “Mind Right” at The 116th Street Festival. The teen singer had a nice group of back up dancers and a great reaction from the crowd. Aside from her widely viewed covers, you can say Jenna Rose has some new material she will be preforming in the future. We went back stage to catch up with her.

Pop Singer, Jenna Rose

Pop Singer, Jenna Rose

JF: What are you currently working on?

JR: I am currently in development under Mr. Kalvin Stevens rehearsing for our upcoming tours.

with manager, and fellow artist,

with Manager,Mr.Kalvin  and fellow artist, Luminous

JF: Tell us about your new song.

JR: I have two new songs one is Mind Right and the other is Dance Floor (with Luminous), I co-wrote Mind Right, and it was the first song I’ve ever written!

JF: Summer is the time for music festivals, where will you be this Summer?

JR: I will be at the Bronx Hub Festival June 28, Adventure Land July 7th, Huntington Manor July 18, ATC in Woodbridge July 10 and Hershey Park July 15.

Jenna Rose with a special fan who came out to see her perform

Jenna Rose with a special fan who came out to see her perform

JF: Anything you’d like to share with your fans?

JR: I am so happy to have my fans support through all these years. They motivate me to keep on going towards my dreams.

See her live performance at The 116th Street Festival:

See more of Jenna Rose here: https://youtu.be/96aTDebNUQQ https://youtu.be/qu134U2CI6E


Don’t Sweat It

You might work up a sweat at various times: a long run, sunny summer afternoon, or an important job interview, to name a few. Whether it’s refreshing or unplanned, sweating leads to a number of incredible health benefits, some of which may be surprising.

Perspire Much? Don’t Sweat It!

Glance around any fitness class, and you’ll see all kinds of perspiration. Some exercisers will be drenched from head to toe, while others will have nary a drop of sweat on the brow. Sweat isn’t exactly one of the great mysteries of the universe, but there is still a lot to discover about this amazing built-in skin system.

The human body is equipped with its own cooling system. The skin is covered with approximately two to five million sweat glands that run like ductwork in an attic. How much a person sweats is determined by physiological characteristics, including age and gender, room temperature, the level of exertion during exercise, how anxious a person feels, and whether the person is overweight.1

On average, humans can produce up to one to three liters of sweat per hour. Exercise and heat are the most common causes of perspiration because sweat’s main job is to cool down the body. However, stress, anxiety, and excitement can also cause sweating.2 That’s why foods and beverages that increase anxiety, such as coffee and tea, can ramp up sweat production.

Let’s take a look at the chemical makeup of sweat and learn why we all perspire in the first place.


The Reasons Behind Salty and Stinky Sweat

Sweat is primarily made up of water but it also contains salt and, depending on a person’s diet, other chemicals. Ever heard of the saying, “You are what you eat?” That’s not too far from the truth for sweat. The chemical composition of sweat can be altered by food and drinks, the reason for sweating, and how long a bout of sweating lasts.

One of the highest mineral concentrations in sweat is sodium, which explains why sweat tastes salty. In addition, sweat contains moderate amounts of potassium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium as well as small amounts of trace minerals including copper, zinc, and iron.3

But not all sweat is created equally. The human body hosts two different types of sweat glands: eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine sweat glands work like ducts on the skin’s surface and produce a watery substance. These glands are mostly concentrated on the brow, hands, and feet (though they cover much of the body), and they function primarily as the body’s A/C unit.4

Apocrine sweat glands are found in the hair follicles located in and around the scalp, armpits, anus, and genitals. Apocrine sweat glands produce a thicker, plasma-like substance that also contains fatty acids and protein byproducts, including urea and ammonia. Emotional stress triggers apocrine glands to expel fatty sweat into the skin, where bacteria break it down. This turns into an odorous fatty acid substance, which makes certain types of sweat smell and causes unsightly underarm stains . These glands remain inactive until puberty, which explains why preteen children suddenly smell after recess.

Man vs. Woman: The Sweatonomics

Japanese scientists discovered that women need to exercise harder than men to get a good sweat going. The researchers placed four subject groups in a controlled environment and then asked them to cycle continuously for one hour. The study showed that men are more efficient at sweating and that untrained women had the worst response when it came to breaking a sweat.5

Previous studies have shown that higher levels of testosterone in men may increase sweat output. The study mentioned above was the first to suggest that women may be at a disadvantage when it comes to cooling off during heavy bouts of exercise or during hot conditions. Researchers have suggested an evolutionary reason for this: women carry less body fluid than men, and they may sweat less to prevent dehydration. For this reason, it may be advisable for women to take more precautions in extreme heat conditions or during long bouts of exercise.

Age-related factors can also affect the amount of sweat a person produces. As the skin changes during the aging process, the sweat glands produce less sweat. This can make it harder to cool off and may increase the risk of heat stroke.6

Sweat Glands: The Everyday Hero

Sweat glands aren’t just nature’s ice bath. From warding off bacteria to protecting the kidneys, perspiration is the inspiration for several healthy functions that extend beyond a good cool down.

Germ Fighters

While studying proteins involved in skin cancer, a team of researchers discovered a potent natural antibiotic called dermcidin. The researchers learned that sweat glands constantly excrete this antibiotic.7 Persistent skin washing can remove this natural protective barrier.

Though a long shower after a hot sweaty day sounds perfect, it may limit your defense against germs. University of California researcher Tomas Ganz notes that bacteria thrive in hot, moist conditions. Dermcidin can limit what thrives on our skin, reducing our risk of infection. But Ganz cautions that being sweaty all the time does not guarantee protection: “It depends on how much dermcidin a person exudes.”8

Healing Powers

University of Michigan researchers discovered that sweat glands play a role in the wound-healing process, including recovery from scrapes, burns, and ulcers. In a study published in the American Journal of Pathology, Laure Rittié, Research Assistant Professor of Dermatology, notes that sweat glands are understudied and that they may hold the secret to speeding up wound repair.9

The study found that eccrine glands store an important reservoir of adult stem cells that can quickly take action when a wound occurs. Rittié explains that sweat glands are understudied because they are unique to humans and not present in animals, which are commonly studied in laboratories. Rittié and her research team hope these findings will pave the way for a greater understanding of the skin’s healing process and lead to better targeted therapies – especially for those who experience skin ulcers from diabetes or bedsores.

Happiness Defenders

The act of sweating alone doesn’t ward off bad moods, but a good sweat in the gym or outdoors increases endorphin levels – those feel-good hormones that contribute to arunner’s high.10 Endorphins are related to positive mood and an enhanced sense of overall well-being. Endorphins are related to positive mood and an enhanced sense of overall well-being.11

Kidney Protectors

Sweating limits the accumulation of salt and calcium in the kidneys and urine, which can reduce the risk of kidney stones. In addition, more sweating increases thirst, which may lead to greater water consumption. The more water goes in, the less likely it is that kidney stones will form.

A study published in 2013 by the American Society of Nephrology found that small amounts of physical activity and reduced caloric consumption might decrease the risk of kidney stone development by 31 percent.12 Breaking a little sweat on a brisk daily walk can go a long way when it comes to prevention.

How Much Sweat is Too Much?

For the most part, sweating is necessary and healthy. But sweating more than normal may be caused by a condition called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis occurs when the body sweats unnecessarily, dripping perspiration from the head, feet, palms, or underarms.13 Though it’s not harmful, excessive sweating can put a damper on daily activities and cause added stress, which can lead to even more sweating.

Signs of Hyperhidrosis:

  • Visible sweat when no physical exertion or excessive heat is present
  • Interfering with daily activities (for example, sweaty palms make it difficult to open doors)
  • Soft, peeling skin from continued moisture
  • Frequent skin infections, such as athlete’s foot or jock itch

Tips to Reduce Excessive Sweating:

  • Apply antiperspirant (not deodorant) to dry underarms before bed. Sweating is less likely to occur during sleep, and this will allow the skin to absorb more of the ingredients overnight, which provides greater protection during the day.
  • Avoid foods and beverages that may cause excess sweating or anxiety. Some of these foods are caffeinated beverages, such as coffee and tea, and spicy foods.
  • Wear natural fibers that allow the skin to cool. Loose clothing can also help prevent excessive sweating.
  • Learn how to relax during stressful situations. Meditative practices can reduce stress and anxiety, which may help reduce perspiration.
  • When all else fails, a dermatologist can prescribe an antiperspirant or inject Botox in the affected areas, which can reduce excessive sweating.

Go Ahead, Break a Sweat

Offering a natural cooling system and unique healing properties, a little perspiration each day may be what keeps the doctor at bay. Remember to replenish what you sweat out by sipping plenty of water throughout the day and drinking a little more during and after a vigorous workout.



Kellie started her career as a fitness writer in 2009 with a blog. That has led to co-authoring a women’s strength training book called Strong Curves. She currently attends graduate school at The George Washington University and lives with her husband and two children. (full article here)


Florals and Fringe

When it comes to styling, I love layering. Everything from sweaters, scarves, blazers and dresses- there are so many options. And you can layer all year round, too. Yes, Summer included.

For this look, I paired a sheer floral and fringe kimono over a loose fitted dress. I added ankle booties and a vintage leather bag to complete the “boho” look. This is the perfect, effortless style for weekend trips, fairs and festivals.



If you try this look, add a pair of aviator sunnies to complete the look. Accessories are always essential for those finishing details. I love midi rings, bangles and statement rings like this onyx stone ring by designer, Seconds Lems. I’m also into long bohemian style necklaces right now, too. I scored this one in the city from a street vendor for $10.



Kimono:Last Call NM Similar Here

Dress: Forever21 Similar Here

Bag, Sunnies, Necklace: Vintage, Flea

Bangle Bracelets: Alex & Ani

Boots: Steve Madden

Lip Color: Lolita by Kat Von D




Matching bags and shoes are a thing of the past. Mix up a tan leather bag with black leather booties for some real fun. I love this little vintage bag I picked up at a flea market last year.


Comfort and ease. I think that’s what every woman looks for in a weekend get up. This style is definitely those things :)


“The earth has music for those who listen.”
George Santayana





Until next time fashionistas, 



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Happy Father’s Day to My Dad and All the Other Real Dads

I dedicate this post to my dad on Father’s Day…

What exactly is Father’s Day? Another commercial holiday to get you to spend money, pretty much. A hard day for some who don’t have father figures or some who have lost their dads. And then there are those, who get to celebrate dad.

Growing up, we made crafts, cards and bought gifts for my dad. Funny thing is, he’d save them all in a drawer and would rarely even use anything we’d give him because he was always working. I think the best gift we could really give him were memories. Just spending time with him, I mean.

Left to Right: Me, my dad and brother

Left to Right: Me, my dad and brother at the zoo

When I think of my dad, I think of him sitting at the dining table with me and my brother, teaching us to draw. He’d draw pictures of my mother without even having to look at her. He would teach us the details that went into drawing eyes and how you could shade with your fingertips to create dimension. And then, there were times where we’d watch films like Forrest Gump or Titanic and we’d discuss the history of the films. We’d watch the same films over and over, too (thanks to HBO for their repeats!) and every time, there was something else to talk about. And last, the car shows. My brother was terrified of the loud noises from the cars engines, but I thought they were fascinating. He’d stay behind with my mom and I’d explore with my dad. We’d take pictures of the cars and he’d check out the engines and say things about them that I was clueless about. But I still enjoyed it. (How ironic is it that my daughter is now obsessed with car shows? Without even knowing these things..)

If you’re thinking, wow you’re dad must be an artist right? Well, no. An artist at heart I would say, a creative soul even. The truth is he didn’t even get to college but he has more knowledge than most educated people I know. He came to the U.S. from Puerto Rico at only 16 and came from a family of eight so college wasn’t really an option. He jokes that he watches a lot of History and Discovery channel but he is also a big reader. Crazy, there are too many similarities my daughter has like him (including her wild temper!).

mom daughter cars

At a Car Show Top: Me around 7 yrs Bottom: Liana (my daughter) 9 yrs

Ever since I can remember, my dad has been a hard working man. My parents were married young and he refused to take help from anyone to take care of his family. He would walk miles to get to a job so that my mother would have a car. He did odd jobs, too. He managed a break dancing group, even did it himself. We’d watch him spin on his head in the kitchen while my mom freaked. But he managed to have a roof over our heads, food on the table, have us in private school, drive cool cars and spoil two little kids.

He loved photography too (which may have to do with my interest in it later on). Had an slr film Nikon that he’d whip out sometimes to take photographs. I remember the strap from that camera being colorful, in a braided American Indian pattern and how I was intrigued by cameras there after. And later, he started his own business (in his 20’s) which he’s managed to run over 20 years. He drove trucks, too. Sometimes we barely saw him. He worked a lot and we hung out with mom. But it was all so that we’d have everything we needed and wanted, even. And still, he made the important events.

My dad with my daughter

My dad with my daughter

No, he wasn’t perfect. Super strict, in fact. And sometimes scary. All he had to do was give us the stink eye and we’d know. But no one is perfect, I guess. And he was there for me. Taught me to play catch, ride a bike, drive, supported my music period, and inspired me to be creative. From art teacher to don’t tolerate b.s. coach, I have to say my dad is a pretty cool old man and now a super awesome proud grandfather.

So, here’s to all the dads that are there, teach, inspire and love their children. And all the awesome grandfathers, too. The ones who play dress up, watch cartoons and show up to recitals or games. You know who you are.

Happy Father’s Day  :-)

Me as a baby and my dad  circa1980's

Me as a baby and my dad

ig feat img txt

5 Ways to Spruce Up your Instagram

Wether you’re a blogger or business owner, you’ve probably caught on to the whole new Insta craze. And I’m sure you feel overwhelmed, so much you’ve even considered hiring a social media manager. There’s Twitter, href=”http://facebook.com” target=”_blank”>FaceBook, Pintrest, YouTube and now this?! We’ve all hit that wall but trust me, there is hope. You can definitely do this social media thing- and if you don’t have the time, I highly suggest hiring someone to help you- because no blogger, brand or business exists these days without a social media or online presence. Here are five ways to spruce up your Instagram account.

Tip #1 Have a Good Bio

Create a strong bio and be consistent with it. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen accounts with no bio (info about the brand). That drives me nuts. I have no idea what the company does, what services they provide or what they stand for. That’s like looking at a dating profile with just the person’s name and a headshot. I actually write bios for people all the time because they get stumped on what to write about. And that’s okay, not everyone is a writer. But here’s an easy way to do it in the meantime. Take a piece of paper and write down these five words: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. Now, answer those questions about your business and try to piece that together as best you can. That’s your bio. If you’re writing is not that good or you want a well written bio that will impress your potential clients- hire someone for sure- but these are just tips to help you get started.

Now that you have a bio, be consistent. Don’t have 10 different bios on social media and your website. Make sure everything is the same. And if needed, shorten it for certain sites but keep it consistent.

Tip #2 Take Good Photos

If you post a dark, grainy, blurry image on your IG feed, you may as well toss it. Nobody likes to see bad pictures period. Let’s stop for a minute. If you have an IG account, I want you to whip it out and take a good look at it. Do you have a good profile image up? How are the photos looking on your page? Crisp? Sharp? Bright? Do they have a consistent style? If you answered no to these questions, then we have work to do my friend.

Now, maybe it’s not in your budget to hire a pro photographer but if you have a decent camera phone and natural lighting, you may be able to get by. So, next time you go to take a picture for your IG, make sure you are either outdoors or have a big window of natural light behind you. Trust me, you will see a big difference. And no more shooting dark pictures!

Next, develop a style. For example, you can post only square pictures or circular. Use color schemes like monochrome or bright colors or highly saturated effects for example. When you develop a consistent style, you begin to build a brand and a following.

Tip #3 Keep it Professional

Many bloggers and business owners make the same mistake of creating an IG account and posting both business and personal images. I’ve never quite understood why anyone would mix the two. If you want to build a brand, you need to treat every social media account that has anything to do with your brand as work. Keep it relevant. Do not post family photos all the time- one here and there is okay to connect on a more personal level but there are ways to do it. For example, say you own a bakery and you’re a mommy too. So, you post a photo of little Jack frosting cupcakes at the bakery and title it “future baker in training.” That’s a great thing to do because it allows you to share someone you love with your followers and at the same time you are promoting your business. You will be able to connect on a personal level with other mompreneurs as well. Or maybe you post an image of your entire family on a cruise and say- “we will miss you all so much, see you when we get back. Happy summer!” This let’s your followers know you are on vacation, you shared a photo with your family and again made a personal connection. See where this is going?

No No’s: Sleazy photos of yourself, negative or nasty memes, racist, vulgar or just anything unprofessional. This all depends on what type business person you are, too. I have seen some trendy businesses pop up that regularly use foul language and violence or nudity. But for the most part, keep it professional so that people take you and your business seriously.

Tip #4 Connect

Engage your audience but don’t leave them hanging. Make sure you check your comments and reply to as many as you can. One mistake I often see people make is neglecting to do this after their following begins to grow. They go from commenting back and replying to emails to nada. Silence on the web. And I cannot tell you how much followers despise that. They begin to bash you and make negative comments just for you not staying in touch. Of course, you get a few loyals who will defend you but that’s rare.  Just remember, the likes and followers that made you can leave you, too. Stay connected.

Tip #5 Hashtag

When you post something, make sure it not only has a good description but also hashtag it. Many social media users search for hashtags. Not only that, but by creating your own hashtag, you are taking followers to see your posts. For example, let’s say you have a a pet shop called Furry Friends.” You would create a hashtag #furryfriends and use that for every post. Now, don’t think it stops there. Let’s say you post a photo of puppies that are for sale in your shop, you want to attract potential buyers and animal lovers so they can like and share. So, now you would use hashtags like: #puppies #forsale #cute #animals #love #yorkies  And the list can go on. If you really want to get creative, use hashtags for animal clubs or organizations.

Hope you guys liked these tips. I’d love to see you on social! Follow me and mention this post, I’d love to follow back :)

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