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Win Fast with Fast Play

I don’t know if it was my grandfather’s influence of his obsession with playing the lottery or just the fun of possibly getting winning someday- but I absolutely LOVE playing the lotto. Some people feel the possibility is too small when playing on the lottery terminal, but what if I told you there was a new way to win and it’s super easy to play? And also- less mess than the average scratch off.

So, are you ready to win fast with New Jersey’s newest game Fast Play? I sure am!


Fast Play is a new series of games that offer quick play styles and are printed on demand from the Lottery terminal. Fast Play is the fastest way to win. So, there’s no need to select numbers or wait for drawings. To purchase a Fast Play ticket at your New Jersey Lottery retailer, just ask for Fast Play, name your game, and then collect prizes quickly. Fast Play games are offered at various prices and play styles.

And the odds of winning are pretty great. Fast Cash- $1, win up to $500, overall odds 1 in 4; Red Hot Numbers- $1, win up to $1,000, overall odds 1 in 3.9; Slots of Fun- $2 win up to $5,000 overall odds 1 in 3.8; Bling Bling Bucks- $5, win up to $25,000, overall odds 1 in 3.

To show you how simple it is to play, I’ve documented my trip to the local 7-11 so you can have an idea. There’s really nothing to it! All you have to do is ask to play the Fast Play games and name your theme. The attendant will ring you up and hand you your ticket(s). Then, check to see if you’re a winner!
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Click here to watch me play!

Wish me luck!

Wish me luck!

Wish me luck!
I got a variety of games from Bling Bling Bucks, Slots of Fun, Red Hot Numbers to Fast Cash. There are multiple ways to win and the games are pretty simple to understand. To play, all you have to do is review the symbols printed on your ticket and you will “quickly” know if you are a winner!

Unfortunately for me, I did not win anything but that’s ok- there’s always next time. And like they say, you never know! Anything can happen in Jersey!


You must be 18 or older to buy a lottery ticket. The New Jersey Lottery reminds players, it’s only a game…remember to play responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1800-GAMBLER®.

For more information visit New Jersey Lottery.

*This post is sponsored by Blog Meets Brand.

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InStyle Magazine Hosts Summer Social

August 18, 2015- InStyle magazine and Single Edition Media teamed up to host their fabulous Summer Social. The fun filled event was held at 404 Studios in New York city. It was an invite only event held for influencers and members of press. Summer Social was an evening of music, mingling, wine, giveaways and more. Brands included Peony and Me, Tide, Essie, Neutrogena, Sally Hansen, Sarah Potempa, Sun Chips, Zico, Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel, Jose Eber Salon, Brancott Estate, Thierry Mulger, Air Optix Colors, Gardien and more.

The brands interacted with guests by hosting giveaways, contests via social media, educating them on their products. Brands also offered hands on activities like decorating a cel phone case , photo booths and games. And not to mention the swag bags we got to take home!

It was great to see familiar faces and catch up just as it was great to meet new ones. It was definitely the perfect night for a summer social. When we first walked into 404, we were greeted by brand reps from Peony and Me, a clothing line designed to go from yoga class to everyday wear. The fabrics were great quality and the designs were too cute! I especially loved the sweaters with the open bow tie backs.

2015-08-18 18.03.31



2015-08-18 18.12.02-2

me with Peopny & Me founder/designer

2015-08-18 18.28.41

Next, I spotted the Esssie nail bar but because I get gel done on my nails, I couldn’t get a mani. Otherwise, I totally would have!

2015-08-18 18.28.36


I absolutely love their Fall collection!

2015-08-18 20.00.48

Some Neutrogena photo booth fun with some great blogger friends!

Summer Social had a bar serving wines from Brancott Estate and foods from Gardien.

2015-08-18 18.42.05


Thierry Mulger had a cool booth with some nifty looking machines which turned out to be perfume refills. Basically, you can take your bottle once empty to the fragrance shop and simply refill the bottle instead of purchasing a new one. It’s good for the environment and more economical.

2015-08-18 18.32.06


Sally Hansen was promoting their Airbrush Legs spray. The spray is meant to tan your legs and cover any imperfections. Sort of like stockings but as a spray on :)

2015-08-18 18.38.32


Zico was giving out yummy coconut water mixed with other fruits such as watermelon.
2015-08-18 18.39.07


And Sun Chips gave out chips and asked guests to post photos on social media. They were yummy, too.

2015-08-18 18.54.00


Some more brand booths… 2015-08-18 18.40.50

2015-08-18 18.41.17


Some much needed pampering for bloggers…2015-08-18 18.41.33


Guess how many roses there are here!2015-08-18 19.00.53

2015-08-18 19.05.36

Me and blogger friend Angelica Prendez had a blast decorating cel phone cases.
2015-08-18 19.22.55

As the DJ announced the giveaway winners, I commented to another blogger that I never win anything and to my surprise- I did! I won Jose Eber hair products. I can’t wait to try them out.

2015-08-18 19.37.24




And in case you’re wondering, here are some of the other goodies I got from Summer Social :)





I had a great time at the InStyle Summer Social. Special thanks toSingle Edition Media for the invitation. 


Until the next post, xoLillie






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Summer Trend: Black Henna

Every season comes with it’s trends and this summer, the always trending black henna body art is back. Being a fan of the art, I went to the truest expert I know of, Paula (aka Henna Queen). Paula has been in the henna industry for about four years now and does everything from henna to hand decorated candles. She is an art major turned henna artist based in New Jersey.

You may be thinking- but I can get hennas down the shore, what’s the big deal? Well, it really is a big deal. As Paula explained to me, “Black henna is toxic to the skin. This is why I only use black ink. It comes from the Jagua fruit in South America. The Amazon Indians have been using it for decades for their tribal tattoos.”

Before speaking to Paula, I really had no idea what the differences were between the two. But after some research, I discovered that black henna has been known to burn and cause deep infection and discoloring to the skin. For these reasons, many places have banned it and doctors warn against it. Black ink, however, is a safe non-toxic product that does not harm the skin.

Henna dates back in history over three thousand years. Many different cultures used the art to help them keep in touch with their spirituality, celebrations and more. Women mostly, stained everything from their fingers and toes to hands, feet, arms; etc.

Now, onto the “procedure.” It’s really simple. Clean bare skin, henna artist, go.

Paula asked what I wanted done and as I began to scroll on Pintrest, she had already begun her masterpiece. I looked over and was surprised at how fast and flawless her design was. The Henna Queen really knows her stuff! After she was done, the drying process began. She told me to be very careful not to smudge the henna and that as it dried it would become hard and peel off. She also instructed me to sleep with paper towel wrapped around my arm at night so that the ink would not rub off onto my bed sheets.

_EAD7677 copy


Here’s a close up of the henna design by Paula. I love the way it came out.

_EAD7754 hennacopy

And some more fun studio shots…

_EAD7683henna copy

_EAD7696 copy


To reach Paula, Henna Queen for a booking, you can contact her via Instagram or by text at 1-973-615-0592.


*Special thanks to my friend Dave Riboul for the photos.



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Dining with the DJ

A few days ago, I posted a teaser pic of me dining with DJ Artem Lomaz of NinetyThree Entertainment on InstagramI didn’t want to spoil Artem’s new project just yet but since he now gave me the green light, I’d say it’s time! The young entrepreneur has been working on his own web series to help build up his branding called, Dining with the DJ. In this series, he has dinner and chats with clients, influencers, industry professionals and more.

I first met Artem when I hired him for a bloggers’ holiday soiree. My first impression of him was that he was very professional. He was on time, set up with no issues, had great staff, sound and music. He also was dressed for success in his signature suited up look. Working with him on that event was a stress free pleasure. We have kept in touch ever since.

When Artem invited me on Dining with the DJ, I was honored to be a guest. What was more awesome about his invitation was that he also asked me to bring along my mini me. I was a little worried about her being interviewed with me because she is so shy at first when meeting new people but Artem was really patient and a true gentleman with us. We met at Sabores Restaurante Mexicano (which has amazing food!) and the GBH production crewwas super nice, too. We talked about style, music and even got into the history of the blog and what influences and inspiration I had growing up that brought me to this journey.

And now… for the reveal. Watch the teaser below!

What’d you guys think?

You’ll be able to catch the full interview on my youtube channel soon! I will follow up with a new post on those soon!

Until the next post, xoLillie


Endless Jewelry: Summer Collection

Bangles with personalized charms have been a hit for quite some time now, but they can get annoying and uncomfortable after a while. They can be noisy with all the jingling sounds, too. There are new options though my friends! I am loving the summer collection by Endless Jewelry. Endless Jewelry is designed for both the casual and the chic fashionista. The colors of the bracelets and necklaces combined with the bold and edgy design of the charms embrace the attitude of being fun, festive and elegant. Your personality, your style, your way. It’s fun, unique and perfect for the girl on the go. And not to mention, soft and light weight. Here’s one that I took on vacation with me recently. It was the perfect color and theme to be in a beach setting. And even when you’re not, it’s still a great everyday piece of jewelry.




The bands are made of leather and come in different colors including Black, Red and Gold reptile and also in Creme and Anthracite metallic. The bands are soft, and have an easy magnetic closure. They can be connected to other bands to extend lengths, too. The collection has over 100 charms available making it a perfect fit for every fashionista!




This band has an adorable sea theme. There is a dolphin, star fish and matching sea foam blue stone. I absolutely love it for the summer days. It’s easy and pretty much effortless. The bands retail for $70+








*This is not a sponsored post. I was sent this item for review. All opinions are my own.

Until the next post, xoLillie


Review: Bumbrella

Dressing up is always fun but let’s face it, the shorter the dress, the bigger the risk. Walking up and down a flight of stairs, riding a bicycle, or windy days are not fun while wearing dresses and skirts. I usually opt for biking shorts but when I got to try out Bumbrella by CiCi Soliel, I instantly gained a new option.

What is Bumbrella?

It’s a modern mini slip with the convenience of a built in panty. It’s original design is the no squeeze panty slip, a unique, yet simple new concept in conceal wear- not shape wear. Yes, you can breathe and eat too without wanting to rip off your panties because they are too tight.

Who’s it for?

Every fashion forward woman who wears skirts and dresses, of course!

I requested one in a nude color but it comes in three great colors. It’s perfect for pretty much any color dress or skirt. The fabric is light weight and easy to move in. It’s not uncomfortable at all like most slips can be. No panty lines, either.




The other two colors the Bumbrella comes in are black and blue. The length is also great for both long and shorter dresses. And when it hits the sun- you still cannot notice any obvious panty lines!


This slip also doesn’t ride up. Being a curvy girl, I usually have the issue of my under garments riding up. But this slip was pretty good, I must say. I wore it under a thin skirt to put it to the test. Here are the photos so you can also see how good it works. It also feels nice to have that extra protection from people seeing what’s under the hood!




*these opinions are my own. I am not being paid to write this post. I was provided the product in exchange for an honest review.

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DIY: Bird House Lily Pulitzer Style

Birdhouses are so cute and look adorable on display. You can put them inside the home, on your porch, in the garden or give one as a gift. But a designer birdhouse can be pricey and who wants to spend over $25 on a birdhouse? Not me, that’s for sure. For a fun craft, I decided to decorate a little birdhouse with my daughter, Liana. We also had some left over mini canvases from her last birthday party and made a matching painting :)

This craft is budget friendly for those who don’t want to splurge on a birdhouse. I bought everything from Michael’s craft store. Each tube of paint was on sale for under $2. We used teal, pink, white, and gold. The bird house was $2 and we already had the canvas but I believe you can get a 3 pack for about $3.

You will need:

Paint brushes (at least 3-4 small and medium sized tips will do)
Painter’s tape
A cup of water to clean your brushes (I like to use mason jars)
Paint in your desired colors (I like the quality of Martha Stewart’s paint tubes or you can use assorted acrylic paints sold in the kids section under $2)

A paint palette

A wooden birdhouse

A mini canvas

After looking at the colors we had, I suggested a birdhouse Lily Pulitzer style. I had recently made a tiny canvas inspired by her rose designs so I thought it would be super cute. Liana loved the idea. Of course, she would need some help on the details but that’s what makes crafting with your kids so much fun. You both get to participate and create something pretty awesome together. See our video below on how we got it done!

If you like this craft and make your own version, I’d love to see it! Use hashtag #jfdiy on social media to share! Happy Crafting!


*This is not a paid post. I mentioned where I bought the items as a real suggestion. You can purchase from anywhere you’d like though!

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Beauty Trend Alert: Strobing

In case you haven’t noticed, #strobing is the hottest thing in beauty right now. What is it? Basically another term for highlighting! It’s been around for a while now, nothing really new- just another name. To get the “strobing” look, you definitely need a good hi lighter. I have to say, I’ve tried quite a few and not too many leave that ultimate shine or glow I want. Gerard Cosmetics recently sent me their new Star Powder in Audrey and I absolutely loved it.



The Audrey shade is a warm champagne gold that is reflective and has high shine. You can build it up for an intense glow or dust it lightly onto your cheekbones for a subtle sheen. It is purely pigmented and an ultra smooth- and blendable which is a great thing.

The Star Powders also come in Lucy or Marilyn (the Hollywood Starlettes) which are also beautiful shades. I didn’t get to try those out but I’m sure they are also great.










Here’s a swatch from the Audrey below:


I really love the way it’s not too sparkly or dusty like other hi lighters I’ve tried in the past. This one is really great on my skin. Here’s a selfie of me using the Audrey Star Powder. I only used a little but you can surely notice it :)

FullSizeRender (13)


What’s your favorite hi lighter of the moment? Are you into the “strobing” effect?


Until the next post,





**These are my real and honest opinions. I am not being paid for this review. The company did send me a sample but the opinions are my own.